tips and trik TOEFL 500 - 600

hi guys, toefl is something interesting when you know how to answer it well, and what the strategy, and ect...

well here we go :

1. prepare your health, you should do the test in very good condition, before test make sure that you will not go to toilet, come 30 minutes before, use jacket if the room using AC he he...

2. the time for toefl paper based test is 2 hours, contain : listening (50 questions), structure/grammer(40 questions), reading (50 question), so you need to manage your time the way is : never review again your answer before you finish all, so you should answer in one chance no repetation, 1 question about 15-30 seconds, choose the right answer, decrease the answer options then choose the best one for you

3. listening

if i am not mistake, question number 1-25 : listening the dialogue/conversation then answer, 26 - 35 : short conversation, long conversation : 36-50. hear carefully and then answer, for dialogue you need to write on blank paper to remain you again, if the place of your toefl test using type or vcd, so you are better to sit in front of the type or vcd, based on my empiris, it would clearly to listen

4. structure : 40 questions

this question need strategy, you can practice first online : just type on google "online toefl practice" or "online toefl test", and you need 3 days to understand type of the sums and the strategy

5. reading : 50 questions

dont spent to much time to read, tips every single paragraph just read first and second line in the early and last of paragraph.

but the most important is that you should prepare for the questions, understand about type od the sums, how to answer in a short time, you should to be confident and undestand the questions

you can check on gogling for toefl test, and toefl practice

wish you luck guys


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